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Alaska FishTopia Fish Counts 

Fishcounts All Rivers Tab.jpg

Fish Counts - All Rivers Tab

  • Shows every river and species tracked in Alaska

  • Provides a summary of the last fish count from each river on an infinity scroll literally.

    • Literally look at the last fish count from every river & species tracked in Alaska on one page!

  • Structured & Consistent Presentation

    • River Name & Species​

    • Dates typically monitored each year

    • Last updated date

    • Actual Count

  • Updated automatically every day

  • Click on any specific river & species for more info

  • Favorite by using the heart icon

Fishcounts Favorite Tab.jpg

Fish Counts - Favorites Tab

  • Shows each river selected as a favorite from the All Rivers tab

  • Quickly access your favorite rivers from a single screen

  • Favorited rivers also show at the bottom of the apps Main Dashboard


Fish Counts - Daily 

  • Detailed daily fish counts

  • 5 years of historical data and a running 3 year average

  • Rivers with early & late runs are combined into one continuous graph for easy viewing

  • Can be zoomed in & out by pinching

  • Clicking anywhere on the graph will give the specific numbers for each year along with the date


Fish Counts - Cumulative

  • Toggle moves between daily and cumulative view

  • Cumulative view shows the total fish that have entered the river. It is used by Fish & Game to determine sustainable spawning numbers

  • Minimum & Optimum escapement goals are shown by the horizonal bars.

  • Fish & Game will often restrict a fishery if minimum escapement goals are not met, often liberalize a fishery if the optimum has been reached

  • If there is an early and late run for the fishery, Alaska FishTopia conveniently combines the two and presents it as one continuous run still presenting escapement goals for each run individually

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