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Alaska FishTopia Live Buoys 


Live Buoys

  • A forecast is just a forecast but live buoys gives you insight into the actual current conditions a buoy is observing

  • Intuitive map based interface to help you locate the closest buoys to your area of interest

  • Select pin to get the details page

  • If buoy goes offline, lastly available marine observations will always be accessible for every buoys


Live Buoys - Details

  • Detailed information page provides specific information about each buoy.

  • Each buoy has different capabilities based on technology implemented when it was deployed

  • Bouys may observe the following (but not always all):

    • Name of Buoy

    • Latitude - Longitude Location

    • Last updated date & time

    • ​Current temperature

    • Wind direction and speed

    • Wave direction and height

    • Sunrise and sunset time

    • Atmospheric, sea, ground level pressures

    • Humidity percent

    • Cloudiness percent

    • Minimum and maximum temperature

    • Data Observation date

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