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Alaska FishTopia Customized Notifications

Personalized Alerts Just For You!


Settings & Notifications

  • Main settings screen allows you:

    • Edit your profile & profile picture 

    • Change password

    • Add a credit card for in-app purchases

    • store a digital copy of your fishing license

    • Learn more about Us!

  • Notifications can be individually configured​​

    • FishTopia Notification (always on)​

    • Fish Counts

    • Fishing Exchange

    • News & Fishing Reports

    • What's Hot


Fish Counts & News

  • Fish Counts can be turned off or on for every single river in the state!​​

  • If River Notification is enabled you will receive an alert detailing the latest fish count data just received!

  • Fishing and News reports can be configured by standard regions of Interior, South Central, and South East

  • If a Fishing Region is enabled a new article or fishing report for that region becomes available an alert detailing the report along with a link will be displayed

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