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Alaska FishTopia River Flows 

Discharge Rate, Gauge Height, Water & Air Temperature


River Flows - All Stations Tab

  • Shows nearly 100 rivers throughout Alaska

  • Provides

    • Discharge Volume​

    • Gauge Height

    • Water & Air Temperature

  • View the conditions from every single river all on one page

  • Updated automatically every 15 minutes

  • Click on any specific river for more details

  • Favorite by using the heart icon


River Flows - Favorites Tab

  • Shows each river selected as a favorite from the All Stations tab

  • Quickly access your favorite rivers from a single screen

  • Favorited rivers also show at the bottom of the apps Main Dashboard


River Flows - Details 

  • Detailed log of 15 minute data

  • Historically view up to 1 years worth of data


River Flows - Graphs

  • Shows high resolution graphs of discharge rate and gauge height

  • Set custom date range up to one year

  • Shows historical averages along with graphs

  • Click each graph to make full screen with standard pinch for zoom and drag for navigation

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