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Alaska FishTopia Tides 

Always Accurate, Always In Your Pocket


Tides - Main Screen

  • Every predicted location in the state

  • Up to 6 minute accuracy prediction

  • Clicking on a location pin shows the current days highs, lows, heights, and times

  • Clicking on a location also downloads that location for offline use

  • Intuitive pinch, zoom, and drag navigation


Tides - Graphical View

  • Clicking View More brings up a detailed tide page

  • Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, or annual views

  • Pick any date up to 2 years into the future

  • Easy to use advance forward buttons that advance based on the current view such as forward one day, or forward one week

  • Quickly see days with high and low tide swings


Tides - Table View

  • Use the slider to toggle between graphical view and table view

  • Use table view to quickly see high and low tidal data for the entire month

  • Pick any date up to 2 years into the future

  • Quickly advance to different months with the pull down monthly selection box

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